OJOEE Racquets

OJOEE Racquets improving overall performance.

With our patented unique and innovative designs OJOEE has been able to affect the characteristics of tennis racquets far beyond what has been accomplished to date.  Using the points identified within the Tennis Facts section as a guide, we have been able to vastly improve what is currently known as the “sweet spot”.  We have expanded the overall area regardless of racquet head size. We also have been able to combine both the characteristics of the “center of percussion” and “coefficient of restitution” or power zone to afford every player a high degree of performance. Our racquets redefine some of the previously known drivers for racquet performance. Because of the enhanced hitting performance you can play with a more smoother swing.   All of this translates to less stress that our racquets will place on your arm and shoulder. You will be less likely to incur the negative physical complications of the game like “tennis elbow”.  In addition, if you choose to, you can string at lower tensions if you are very sensitive to arm stress without losing control. LEARN MORE »


The Pro Series uses our patented cross bar technology to optimize the hitting characteristics of the racquets, providing you with greater power while maintaining control.  You no longer need to trade of power for control in your racquet selection; our racquet now provides both.   The cross bars also provides for greater stability of the racquet. Because of this technology you now have a greater effective range to string the racket.  With a trend to string a racket with lessor tension, you tend to trade power for control.  With the PRO Series you can now string at lower tensions, while maintaining control. Remember any change takes some getting used, however with our rackets the adjustment time is a lot less.  By using our racquet you will find an overall improvement in your game, with less stress on your arm and shoulder.  Our goal is to reinvigorate the game of tennis for beginners to tournament players

Product Details

Head Size – 98 square inches Weight – 10.6 oz
Length – 27.5 inches
Material – Titanium Graphite Composite
String Tension – 45- 65 lbs.
String Pattern – 18 x 18


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