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OJOEE Racquets to Debut in NYC during the U.S. Tennis Open

OJOEE Industries today announced that it will debut its new line of evolutionary Pro Series tennis racquets from August 26-September 8, 2015 at Lily’s at The Roger Smith Hotel, 501 Lexington Ave., in New York City. OJOEE Racquets gives players an opportunity to change the way they play the game of tennis by utilizing a new, never- before-seen technology that gives players more power and control. 

“The OJOEE racquet is a new entry in the racquet market for tennis players to try,” said Bruce Levine, Technical Advisor for Gear: Racquets and String at Tennis Magazine. “It has a different look and feel that will be of interest for entry level players hunting for a lighter frame with an interesting look and playability,” explained Levine.  Patricia Jensen, marketing architect of the tennis world adds, “The revolutionary approach to the racquet design will encourage a new group of tennis players to pick up the game.”

“OJOEE Racquets were designed using an innovative cross bar and stabilizing technology that optimizes the strings reaction to the impact from the tennis ball returning it with a greater amount of force and increased power,” explained Gary Krall, President of Sales and Marketing for OJOEE Racquets.  “No racquet on the market today can deliver these benefits to players.  Players no longer have to trade off power for control when choosing a tennis racquet. Our racquets have been shown to not only improve the overall performance of the game but also to reduce stress on a player’s elbow and shoulder,” said Krall.

OJOEE Racquets was named after Joseph Hodges, the founder and engineer who designed the benefits of the revolutionary design.  Sadly, Joe passed away on the tennis court while playing with OJOEE’s first prototype racquet.  Out of respect for their friend, the remaining founders named the company OJOEE.  This was the phrase that Joe Hodges’ mother used to call him in from play when he was a young boy.